Environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations continue to impact businesses as the legal and regulatory requirements change and ESG expectations of investors, consumers and employees evolve. Now more than ever, investors include ESG criteria in their investment assessments and valuation decisions, and business leaders consider their organizations’ impact on people and communities. As customers focus more on social costs and ESG reputations when making purchasing decisions, the plaintiffs’ bar is actively policing ESG-related claims, threatening class actions for greenwashing.

Climate change, sustainability and human rights dominate the current ESG focus. Our extensive knowledge of sustainable performance-related laws, regulations, standards and trends allows us to provide tailored legal and strategic advice on fulfilling corporate ESG commitments, managing risks, developing and auditing compliance plans and becoming more competitive in the market.

Our global multi-disciplinary ESG team has significant experience in matters related to climate change, carbon management, energy transition, human rights, forced labor and modern slavery, diversity, equity and inclusion and stakeholder relations.

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Head of Sustainability, Europe, Middle East and Asia; Head of Environment, health and safety, Europe, Middle East and Asia; Partner
Partner, Canadian Co-Head of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)
Head of Dispute Resolution and Litigation, EMEA
Partner, Canadian Co-Head of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)
Co-Head of Energy, Infrastructure, and Environmental, United States
Partner | National Pro Bono Team Leader | Chair ESG Group