We ensure that a diverse cross section of our people are involved in all of our client engagement activities. We aim to differentiate ourselves with our clients by: 

  • Sharing practices and collaborating on the advancement of diverse lawyers
  • Leveraging the diversity of the firm in pitches and how we allocate work

We work closely with clients on a variety of diversity and inclusion initiatives, including round-table discussions, sharing of best practice, employee network mentoring and support, training and joint events. Recent initiatives have included:

  • A joint panel event to build awareness and understanding of mental health in the workplace, undertaken in collaboration with one of our global banking clients
  • Unconscious bias training and advising on internal diversity issues, in collaboration with a multinational technology client
  • Joint workshops around LGBTI inclusion and the importance of allies, partnering with a global professional services client
  • A joint social mobility work experience program in conjunction with a global banking client