The Commonwealth Quarterly - Issue 3

Insight and commentary from our national Government team in Australia

Australia Publication May 2021

Welcome to the third edition of the Commonwealth Quarterly

It is that time of the year again, where the mornings are getting cooler, and the wind starts to bring with it a frosty bite.  As the winter chill sets in on Canberra, grab yourself a cup of coffee and warm up with the third edition of the Commonwealth Quarterly. In this edition Peter Mulligan, Holly McAdam and Mitchell Kelly provide a timely insight into software audits during periods of economic uncertainty. Michael Doyle provides the ins and outs of cybersecurity in the context of cloud computing. Veronica Seeto gives a practical guide on using information obtained during a procurement process. Katrina Monagle provides a Q&A on the December 2020 amendments to the CPRs, answering all your queries. Imogen Thompson and Peter Mulligan take a deep dive into automated decision making in the Government context. Resident contract law expert Jeff Goldberger gives us an update on drafting and enforcing releases. Evan Blount from our learning and development team gives some practical tips on how to delivery effective presentations.

If you have any questions or suggestions for next edition please let us know. Keep warm and stay safe!

Holly McAdam                                  Katrina Monagle
Partner and Head of Office              Senior Associate and Editor of The CQ
Canberra                                            Canberra

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