What is corporate governance?

Many consider the classic definition of corporate governance to be that in the Cadbury Committee’s first UK code on corporate governance published in 1992 which described it as the “system by which companies are directed and controlled”, with both directors and shareholders having a role to play. In the UK, high standards of corporate governance are promoted through use of the comply-or-explain concept.

Overview of the portal

This online portal is designed to assist UK listed companies. It will ensure that you are kept up to date with the latest developments, rules and guidance in a number of areas relating to corporate governance.

Benefits of the portal

We have identified what we consider to be the key topics in the corporate governance arena in the UK, and then, within those topic areas, we have collated the relevant current corporate governance guidelines and guidance for listed companies and their board committees. We have also brought together any discussion papers, consultation papers and other materials relevant to the particular topic so that listed companies can easily locate the key materials in one place. Where possible, we have linked to the primary materials on external websites and to our briefings. The information in each topic area is regularly updated.


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