Market volatility: What next for real estate finance lenders?

Cross border legal considerations for real estate finance lenders when a borrower is in default (UK and Europe)

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Global | December 06, 2022

A period of economic volatility and rising interest rates means a reassessment of the legal documentation for real estate financings. Lenders are likely to see more borrowers breaching financial covenants over the next few months.

So what should lenders be mindful of to ensure their documentation deals with the current volatility whilst protecting their legal rights, both under English law and in other relevant jurisdictions in Europe?

In this session, you will hear from lawyers from the UK, Germany, France, Poland, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Italy. They will discuss:

  • Protecting the lenders rights in a default or potential default scenario
  • Amendments and extensions: what to consider (hedging, further guarantees and/or security)
  • Considerations for lenders when agreeing waivers
  • Security reviews: what to check and protecting your security


Head of Real Estate Finance, EMEA