Our global fraud and asset recovery lawyers advise on complex, high-value, cross-border fraud and asset tracing matters including cyber fraud, accounting fraud, misrepresentation, asset dissipation, invoice fraud, bribery and secret commissions, banking fraud, money laundering and white-collar crime.

Our fraud litigators have substantial experience advising on cross-border fraud investigations and strategies for obtaining effective and time-critical legal remedies to secure and recover assets, including freezing injunctions, disclosure orders and other ancillary relief for the identification and protection of assets. We also have considerable experience enforcing and executing against assets.

Clients benefit from our global reach and access to specialists, including forensic accountants, computer experts, investigators and insolvency officer holders, in multiple jurisdictions. Our knowledge of local jurisdictions allows us to create a tailored international strategy, and ensures that we can provide a fast, coordinated and international legal response to complex fraud, whatever the demands.

Fraud and asset recovery matters often require a range of specialist legal skills that our global platform can deliver. As a full service law firm, we are able to call upon lawyers from a wide range of related specialist areas including regulatory, insurance, tax, employment and labor, information governance, privacy and cybersecurity, real estate, construction, shipping and transport, financial services and regulation, and bankruptcy, financial restructuring and insolvency.

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