Risk advisory

Businesses face increasingly complex challenges associated with the management of risk worldwide. The rise in cross-border collaboration between regulators means that incidents occurring in one jurisdiction can have consequences for your business in other regions. The speed with which legal and regulatory risks can materialize and spread requires companies to have a firm understanding of their risk exposure and ensure that robust governance, risk and compliance strategies are in place to manage and minimize risk.

Our global risk advisory group leverages our extensive industry experience, drawing on the risk, governance and compliance know-how from each of our global practice groups to provide in-depth knowledge of the legal and regulatory challenges facing your business. Clients benefit from our preventative risk management and compliance advice, tailored risk management strategies and in-depth guidance on emergency response preparation and crisis management solutions.

Our lawyers and the experienced risk consultants, advisors and professionals who make up our risk advisory team understand that effective risk management requires a holistic approach that spans across business units, areas of the law and transcends jurisdictional boundaries to ensure that processes to manage and mitigate risk are embedded in the business, its culture and working practices. With offices in more than 50 cities worldwide, we are well positioned to help clients wherever they conduct business, offering extensive experience and knowledge of regional and international regulations and laws.

Our areas of work include

  • Business transformation, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, cryptocurrency, the internet of things and protecting data and intellectual property assets
  • Climate change and sustainability, including ESG
  • Crisis management
  • Information governance, privacy and cybersecurity
  • Regulatory
  • Risk consulting
  • Transaction integration
  • White-collar crime and government enforcement



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