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Employee share ownership schemes: Do you understand the full impact?

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Sandton, Johannesburg | November 06, 2019

Employee share ownership schemes (or ESOPs) are commonly used by companies as a way of incentivising their employees from an ownership or performance basis, or introducing Black ownership into the company’s ownership structure. In addition, the Competition Amendment Act, 2018 which came into effect earlier this year appears to promote the inclusion of ESOPs.

However, whilst commercially desirable, the employment and broad-based black economic empowerment (BEE) considerations and implications are often overlooked when determining the form and terms of the ESOP.

This session will provide a general overview of ESOPs and their operation, with a focus on the practical considerations and implications of ESOPs from a competition, employment, and BEE perspective. 
Registration from 12:45, the seminar commences at 13:00