About us

China is a major world economy and our growing presence in the country is important to our clients, particularly those in the financial institutions and energy, infrastructure and resources sectors. We have offices in Beijing and Shanghai, the government and commercial centers of China, respectively, where we advise local and international financial institutions and corporations on both foreign and domestic investment.

Building on our experience and understanding of the Chinese legal and business landscape, we offer an integrated practice, working in partnership with our clients to provide effective solutions for their transactions within China and beyond it.

Today, much of our business involves advising Chinese enterprises on accessing overseas markets and pursuing investment opportunities throughout the world. Our expanding global reach enables us to navigate a myriad of different regulatory regimes to manage cross-border transactions as well as sharing with our clients our experience of doing business in China and our insights into its regulatory landscape.

Our teams in Beijing and Shanghai comprise approximately 20 lawyers who are qualified in the People’s Republic of China (PRC), the UK, Hong Kong, Australia and other jurisdictions. They work together with lawyers in our Hong Kong office specialising in China-related transactions. Most of our lawyers speak fluent Mandarin and some speak other regional Chinese dialects.

Our areas of work include

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