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M&A outlook 2019

January 2019

The global M&A market has been shaped by many competing factors in 2018.

M&A deal-making started strongly in 2018 given businesses’ desire to increase scale and to focus on core or new markets. The availability of capital from private equity continued to contribute to deal activity.

However, extensive geopolitical volatility, currency fluctuations and increased regulatory intervention in foreign takeovers had a dampening effect towards the end of the year.

Subject to these ongoing forces and market sentiment, the medium- to long- term outlook for M&A looks positive, driven particularly by businesses’ desire to meet the challenges posed by disruptive technologies as they impact different sectors.

Disruptive technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, blockchain and smart contracts, are rapidly transforming the corporate landscape. By deploying these new technologies, companies can reduce costs, increase the transparency and security of their supply chains, create value, and enter new markets.

Some well-established industries are seeing new, dynamic entrants introduce different ideas, technologies and ways of working.

To remain competitive in this new landscape, many companies across all major industry sectors are looking to merge with, acquire or partner with technology targets.

Of course M&A can be impacted by short term sentiment, but the march of innovation means that technology-related M&A should remain buoyant.

Find out more about the impact of disruptive technology on M&A and corporate activity across our key industry sectors.

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