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Tom Logan

Supervising Paralegal

Tom Logan 

About me

I joined Transform’s Legal Services team in 2019 as a Paralegal and have since been promoted to the role of Supervising Paralegal.

As a paralegal I work with a large range of teams from officers all around the company and so the matters I assist with do vary quite significantly. In addition to the variety of work, due to the team’s proximity with the Legal Tech & Innovation and the Legal Design teams, it often means I am involved in the application of novel solutions to the legal work we conduct adding a further dimension to the role.

As a supervisor, I assist with the day-to-day management of the Legal Services teams; resourcing the different requests that we receive and heading some of the larger projects.


Born in Hertfordshire but moved to Yorkshire at a young age.

Fun fact

I am half Kiwi.


After I graduated, my first legal role was as a paralegal in a High Street firm in Newcastle - working in the Wills and Probate practice.

Best part of the job

The variety of matters makes each day interesting.




Newcastle Legal Services Team


  • Aircraft Delivery
  • Conditions Precedent
  • DocuSign
  • 24/7 Cyber Breach Response 




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