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EMEA | November 12, 2020

The second webinar in this new series, sponsored by NRF Resolve, will cover two topics.

Part 1: A conversation with Jane de Lozey, Head of Disputes and Sanctions at the UK Oil & Gas Authority (OGA). As the oil and gas industry continues to face unprecedented change, Jane will discuss with Norton Rose Fulbright Partner Holly Stebbing how the OGA is using its dispute resolution powers to resolve disputes in the UKCS, discussion points will include:

  • Feedback on the OGA’s new mediation pilot programme.
  • An exclusive insight into its soon to be released Thematic Review on regulatory compliance.
  • Whether the OGA anticipate that the current COVID-19/low oil price environment will lead to greater intervention and disputes.

Part 2: Will focus on NRF Resolve, an innovative digital solution for accelerated dispute resolution solution developed by NRF Transform.

NRF Resolve aims to achieve a solution for a dispute within two to six weeks and can be used for business-to-business or intra-group disputes in both civil and common law jurisdictions. Fixed pricing allows you to plan and control your budget whilst the simple, easy-to-follow process frees you from the complexity and burden inherent in many current disputes.

An independently hosted digital platform gives you access to a panel of expert mediators and arbitrators. Norton Rose Fulbright does not advise any of the parties and is completely neutral.