Global antitrust risk map – an introduction

Video | December 2016 | 00:01:31

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Global antitrust risk map – an introduction

We put together the global antitrust risk map in response to demand from a number of our clients, particularly those with global operations, to help them assess the risks that they face from an antitrust perspective around their global operations. 

And, I think the reason they are quite keen on the tool to help them assess those risks is because over the last decade antitrust law has really developed enormously from a position where really only a small number of countries had a sophisticated antitrust enforcement regime, to now, to a position where over 120 countries in the world have some form of competition law. 

I think the challenge now for global companies is being able to distinguish between those countries where the threat of enforcement is very real and those countries which might have a competition law but perhaps not the powers or the track record to suggest that the risk is as high as in other, perhaps more sophisticated jurisdictions. So our risk map is designed to help clients to really understand the risks they are facing and act on those when applying it throughout their global operation.