Data centres: What potential investors need to know

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Global | July 01, 2021

Data centre and digital infrastructure M&A deals closing in 2020 set a new record of $34.9 billion globally, eclipsing the previous 2017 record of $24.8 billion. 2021 is showing promise of being a strong year with $13.5 billion of deals currently being tracked and expected to complete in the next six months.Knight Frank Data Centre Report

Over recent years there has been an increased investor appetite for digital infrastructure. With a growing governmental focus on improving connectivity, digital assets including data centres are crucial for supporting the growth of smart and sustainable cities; the shift towards remote working and the digitisation of company operations.

In this webinar, a multidisciplinary panel of data centre operators, investors and lenders from Europe and the US discuss the practicalities of investing in this asset class. Insights will include:

  • What's happening in the data centre market and current trends
  • How a data centre actually works
  • What is important from an investor perspective when investing in data centres
  • How to finance a data centre and what is important from a lenders' point of view
  • Where the opportunities lie for investors

The webinar will be attended by representatives from investors, financiers, operators and offtakers and there will be opportunity for networking.

Our speakers will include:

  • Vincent Bollaert, CEO France, Knight Frank
  • Stephen Beard, Head of Data Centres, Knight Frank
  • Sicco Boomsma, Managing Director, ING Wholesale Banking
  • Christophe Strauven, SVP – Treasurer, Vantage Data Centres
  • Matthew Eid-Holm, Vice President, Deutsche Bank Direct Lending
  • Kristina Metzger, Senior Vice President & Leader, CBRE Data Center Capital Markets
  • Emilie Caruelle, Legal Manager, Sipartech
  • Camille Auger Dias, Senior Lawyer, Sipartech
  • Joris Ravelli, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright (Amsterdam)
  • Dr. Andrea Spellerberg, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright (Munich)
  • Dr. Christoph Ritzer, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright (Frankfurt)
  • David Barksdale, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright (Los Angeles)