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From your very first opportunity here – whether it is an interview or the vacation scheme programme – you’re always working towards your next milestone with us. Not everyone begins their career with us at the same point, yet every trainee makes their own unique progress on the road to qualification and beyond.

In this section, we’ve laid out all the opportunities you can consider when looking to kick-start your career with us. In fact, we’ve even shown the direction you could take after the end of your training contract as you start to aim for associate, senior associate, and even partnership opportunities at our firm. Everyone’s path is different, though our suggested route will give you a thorough insight into our firm. 

Not every trainee will do a vacation scheme with us – though we do offer some training contracts to students who impress us in these weeks. Some future trainees might even come to us with other legal experience entirely; for instance, you might have worked as a paralegal either here or at another firm. Similarly, once you get to trainee and associate level, your path is yours to decide. You can aim for other senior roles other than partner, such as Of Counsel. It’s all up to you, and we’ll support you to make the progress that matters to you.

1. Your first Interview
The beginning of your relationship with us, the first round interview is conducted by a member of HR. In this interview we will try to get to know more about you over and above just your CV and academic transcript.

2. Your second Interview
Well done, this means that you have impressed our HR team in the first round and we would love for our directors to meet you.

3. Vacation Work
Finding the right firm: Your window to work across our sectors for one or two weeks

4. Candidate Attorney
Get a two-year training contract and start your career

5. Associate
Excel in your training contract and you’ll qualify into your choice of area as an associate

6. Senior Associate
You’re growing your business acumen and client relationships – and nurturing those around you too.

7. Partner
A strong leader with an established client base, you’ll guide your team – and our firm.