Feasibility studies


Operators in the nuclear sector are subject to special regulatory provisions affecting their scope for action. These provisions come either from the extremely stringent rules of the Euratom treaty (for European countries) or from other international conventions, such as the non-proliferation treaty (NPT) which sets out general framework to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Nuclear activities are also regulated by a set of specific provisions produced under the auspices of IAEA, NEA of the OECD and the nuclear suppliers group, especially as regards the following:

  • checks on use;
  • physical protection;
  • transport safety;
  • exports (of nuclear material and material for dual use);
  • waste and spent fuel management;
  • safety of installations; and
  • nuclear liability.

The Nuclear Services Group has experience of advising government bodies and regulators on feasibility studies for nuclear new build projects. We work with other advisors on considering projects from their first inception and help governments and developers to assess whether their project is viable and the best way to structure a project.

In addition to feasibility and pre-feasibility studies for nuclear projects generally, clients often want to assess the financial feasibility of a project. Where will the financing come from? Will they be able to attract equity investors or debt financing? Who will purchase the power and for what price?