New build


We are heavily involved in the issues facing developers of new-build nuclear projects for commercial use or research.

Norton Rose is at the forefront of innovation in devising structures which satisfy the demands of all the stakeholders at every stage of development while satisfying regulators. Our work, including that in the Middle East, Russia and Europe, means that we have dealt with the issues facing a 21st century nuclear project for both established and emerging programmes.

Nuclear plant need to be built to the highest safety standards and to meet the requirements of the regulators. This starts with project structuring and making sure the right documentation is in place. Clear parameters need to be set for those working on the project, the supply chain needs to understand its role and how it fits into the project and investors need to feel confident in lending to the project. If a project is established properly it will be easier to prove to the regulators that the highest standards are being met and this will help the project run to time and budget.

Prior to commencing project development a number of issues need to be considered including whether there will be any concession agreements and how ownership of the project will be structured. We can assist you in the very early stages of a project with putting in place letters of intent and memoranda of understanding and then work with the technical and project advisors to develop the best structure for the project, including financing and any required joint venture arrangements.