• The way ahead

    Global transport sector targets new assets and markets despite overcapacity and funding concerns.

    February 27, 2014

  • Aviation

    Aviation is the sector that sees technological developments as one of the best reasons to be optimistic about the market.

    February 27, 2014

  • Rail

    Rail respondents are the most convinced of the emergence of new opportunities in the market (50 per cent to aviation’s 46 and shipping’s 48 per cent), and the most p

    February 27, 2014

  • Shipping

    Shipping emerges as the least optimistic sector in our survey with 69 per cent of respondents reporting positivity about market conditions compared with 81 per cent

    February 27, 2014

  • Africa

    Africa is the region most interested in developing new markets (30 per cent) and is one of the two regions (Asia Pacific is the other) where the greatest benefit fro

    February 27, 2014

  • The Americas

    Central and South America comes out top among the regions for the emergence of new opportunities, while its North American neighbour scores most highly for economic

    February 27, 2014

  • Asia Pacific

    Asia Pacific is the region showing the greatest benefit from infrastructure improvement (10 per cent to Africa’s 9 per cent), and 16 per cent of respondents from the

    February 27, 2014

  • Europe

    This region is the second most interested in developing new markets (at 22 per cent to Africa’s 30 per cent), although, as in other regions, interest in increasing w

    February 27, 2014

  • Middle East

    Regional political uncertainty is given as the greatest concern overall (40 per cent) for respondents in the Middle East.

    February 27, 2014

  • The way ahead Transport survey - fourth report

    Our survey received 1,006 responses from across the aviation, rail and shipping industries, providing an authoritative and wide-ranging examination of current views

    March 21, 2013

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