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Video | October 2015 | 00:02:11

Our digital lives leave traces of information in everything we do.

Wearable technology, health records, credit card transactions, social media activity, even the journeys we make - almost every choice we make leaves its mark.

And with it, data. We call this ‘Big Data’.

Then there’s the ever-expanding Internet of Things - the network connection of everyday objects and devices - machines talking to machines, with no need for human intervention. It’s an exciting development, and is helping to transform the consumer experience. This year, over six billion devices will exchange data without human input.

With the significant impact of millions of businesses accumulating massive amounts of information, Big Data and The Internet of Things is rapidly changing the way we lead our lives, and with it, the way we do business.

The incredible value to be harnessed from the Big Data predictive analytics is being recognised in boardrooms across the globe and, has already begun to transform business strategy and decision-making in every industry.

The opportunities are endless. But with opportunity, inevitably, comes risk.

How will laws and regulations respond? How will businesses exploit, and protect, the technology they develop? How will it be controlled?

It’s a complex and rapidly changing legal landscape - one wrong turn could lead to reputational damage, loss of income and even regulatory intervention.

That’s why having the right team to help you is crucial.

Norton Rose Fulbright is a global legal practice offering your business pragmatic and solution-oriented advice whenever, and wherever, you need it.

And with a true understanding of the risks and rewards that Big Data and the Internet of Things can bring to your organisation, Norton Rose Fulbright can put you at the heart of great opportunities, with real peace of mind.

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Nick Abrahams

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