Global litigation school: What you should know about US unconventional oil and gas development

Video | October 27, 2015

The third program in our global litigation school web seminar series. We will discuss US unconventional oil and gas development and the dramatic rise in claims associated with that activity.

These claims have ranged from environmental claims alleging that hydraulic fracturing, a process used in unconventional oil and gas development, is causing contamination to underground fresh water aquifers to claims for nuisance due to the increased noise and dust associated with the drilling. It has also lead to an increase in the number of heavy truck accidents and lawsuits involving crude by rail and several high profile derailments.

Please join us as we cover a review of these claims and review the plaintiffs theories alleged in the cases and how these claims are playing out in suits across the US with some significant variance from state to state.

Download the presentation: Recent litigation and court cases affecting the upstream

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