• Implementation of new oil and gas disclosure rules effective July 1, 2015 – Are you ready?

    On December 4, 2014, the Canadian Securities Administrators (the CSA) announced a variety of amendments (the Amendments) to National Instrument 51-101

    June 30, 2015

  • Argentina

    The largest Argentinean shale gas play is the Neuquén Basin, which is located on the eastern side of the Andes in Argentina and central Chile and covers an area of o

    June 25, 2015

  • Brazil

    It has been reported that there is no current commercial production of natural gas from shale deposits in Brazil.

    June 25, 2015

  • Colombia

    In 2008, the Colombian government made the decision to pursue the development of unconventional hydrocarbons and, in 2011, it ordered production of technical regulat

    June 25, 2015

  • Mexico

    The Mexican hydrocarbons industry was closed to private sector participation from 1938 until December 16, 2013, when the Federal Constitution was amended to open all

    June 25, 2015

  • The Netherlands

    The Netherlands has a longstanding history in natural gas, which forms its most important energy resource.

    June 25, 2015

  • United States

    Shale gas was first produced in the United States (US) from a well in Fredonia, New York, in 1821.

    June 25, 2015

  • United Kingdom

    The UK shale gas industry is still in its infancy. Ahead of more drilling, fracture stimulation and testing there are no reliable indicators of potential productivit

    June 25, 2015

  • BC Court of Appeal upholds worldwide injunction against Google

    In Equustek Solutions Inc. v Google Inc.,1 the British Columbia Court of Appeal upheld the Supreme Court’s jurisdiction to issue an injunction with worldwide effect

    June 24, 2015

  • Operating ships in Mexico

    The news has been full of the Mexican regulatory reforms in the energy sector, which aim to liberalise the sector and encourage greater foreign investment.

    June 23, 2015

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