A guide to developing mining projects in Indonesia / 印度尼西亚矿业项目开发指引

June 2011 / 2011年6月


This guide has been produced by Susandarini & Partners in association with Norton Rose Australia. It addresses risks and opportunities facing mining companies in Indonesia. It analyses the main legal and commercial issues that a mining company is likely to encounter, from initial exploration through to project development and the operational phase. It examines funding options and exit strategies, and the impact of anti-bribery legislation in Indonesia. Any matters pertaining to Indonesian law are made by Susandarini & Partners only.

本《指引》由Susandarini & Partners与诺顿罗氏澳大利亚合作编写成册,其主要内容是在印尼的矿业公司如何应对其面临的风险和机遇。《指引》分析了矿业公司在初始勘探、项目开发和经营阶段可能会遇到的一些重要法律和商业方面的问题,探讨了各种可供选择的融资方案和撤资策略,以及印尼反腐败立法的影响力。凡涉及印尼法律的事项均由Susandarini & Partners负责编写。

Norton Rose Group, in association with Susandarini & Partners is ideally placed to advise mining clients throughout all phases of development. Our unique global footprint enables us to act for junior mining entities on initial capital raisings on the most popular bourses including TSX, TSX-V and ASX through to development and commercial production, risk management, financing and main board listings.

与Susandarini & Partners合作的诺顿罗氏集团是为矿业客户在开发过程中各个阶段提供法律服务的最佳律所。本所在全球范围内取得的成就使我们有能力为初级矿业公司提供以下服务:在最受欢迎的证交所(包括多伦多证交所、加拿大创业交易所和澳大利亚证交所)筹集启动资金、开发和进行商业生产、风险管理、融资和主板上市等。

As demonstrated by this guide, our global mining team combines international experience and best practice with a thorough understanding of doing business in Indonesia to enable us to facilitate Indonesian mining entities and their stakeholders in maximising value from their mining projects.


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We trust you find this guide of interest and look forward to working with you.