Diversity in the US

We are committed to the goal of strengthening our diversity through recruiting, retaining and advancing lawyers and staff, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or age.

Our commitment is consistent with our recognition that it is the outstanding people within our business who are the source of our strength. Our colleagues—lawyers and staff—are our greatest assets. We have long embraced the principles of equal employment opportunity. We further recognize that promoting diversity is an integral component of our continuing quest for excellence as individual lawyers and as a legal practice.

Our diversity efforts are led by its co-chief diversity officers, Ralph Dawson and Harva Dockery. They work with our diversity and inclusion committee, which they co-chair, and the women in the  profession committee, chaired by Laura McMahon. In addition to those referred to above, the diversity and inclusion committee includes Warren Huang, Layne Kruse, Stacey Martinez, Marilyn Mooney, Lisa Shub, Richard Smith, Stephanie Smith, Lou Strubeck and Lisa Tonery.

The diversity and inclusion committee works closely with the our leadership to strengthen diversity. Of course, each and every one of us must accept responsibility for and do our part to fulfill our commitment to diversity. A diversity advisory committee, comprised of non-partners, is also an integral part of our diversity team.

Our diversity vision statement

Our diversity and inclusion committee has created the following vision statement to guide our diversity efforts.

To establish us as a global leader in diversity by:

  • embracing core values of professional excellence, collegiality and inclusion,
  • valuing differences and respecting each individual and
  • increasing workforce diversity at all levels,

thereby ensuring that each of us has well-founded confidence that we can build successful careers here with our full support and our colleagues.