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Government investigations


Meet the team

Norton Rose Fulbright's International investigations team includes lawyers with significant experience in handling cross-border investigations, related litigation, and multi-jurisdictional regulatory enforcement proceedings across the globe and covering a broad range of industries.

Norton Rose Fulbright's knowledge of how best to guide clients through international investigations is complemented by the years of experience Norton Rose Fulbright's lawyers have working within government and regulatory agencies.

Norton Rose Fulbright's International investigations team includes:

  • FCPA and international anti-corruption
  • white collar crime and regulatory investigations
  • antitrust and competition
  • international trade controls and sanctions
  • securities litigation and regulatory enforcement
  • privacy and data protection

FCPA and international anti-corruption

Norton Rose Fulbright's FCPA and International anti-corruption team offers a coordinated solution to address the reality that FCPA and international anti-bribery and corruption enforcement is now truly global. Norton Rose Fulbright's lawyers in the United States, United Kingdom, Middle East and Asia have significant experience in investigations, enforcement proceedings, and related civil litigation arising out of FCPA, UK anti-bribery legislation and international anti-corruption issues.

We have conducted investigations around the world for clients across a broad range of sectors, including:

  • energy
  • healthcare
  • pharmaceuticals and life science
  • financial institutions
  • transport

Our lawyers provide timely and coordinated legal advice, including preventative compliance, training and counseling, to minimize clients' exposure to potentially catastrophic criminal and civil sanctions.

Our team includes the former Acting Chief and Principal Deputy Chief for Litigation of the Fraud Section of the US Department of Justice Criminal Division, which oversees FCPA investigations in the US, the former Acting Deputy Attorney General/Associate Attorney General (the second and third ranking positions at the US Department of Justice), and the former Acting Head of Enforcement at the UK Securities Investment Board (now the Financial Services Authority). There are also former US federal and state prosecutors who have conducted investigations before a broad range of international enforcement agencies.

Contact Lista Cannon.

White collar crime and regulatory investigations

Norton Rose Fulbright's white collar crime team and regulatory investigations team has represented clients in some of the most important US, UK and trans-national regulatory investigations and enforcement proceedings in recent years. Norton Rose Fulbright's lawyers have conducted numerous significant corporate internal investigations, often on a multi-jurisdictional basis. Many of Norton Rose Fulbright's lawyers have served in significant positions within regulatory and prosecutorial agencies. Norton Rose Fulbright's extensive experience is a critical resource for companies, officers and directors that are increasingly exposed to a wide range of international investigations and enforcement proceedings. Norton Rose Fulbright's lawyers have represented clients before a wide range of bodies including:

Norton Rose Fulbright's clients in these matters have included Fortune 500 companies, FTSE corporations and individuals across the globe in key sectors, including:

  • banking
  • finance
  • energy
  • professional services
  • insurance
  • pharmaceuticals and life science
  • tax
  • telecommunications
  • transport

Norton Rose Fulbright's white collar crime team and regulatory investigations team has represented clients in connection with federal grand jury cases, criminal charges, civil proceedings and regulatory enforcement actions. We have advised clients on claims and liabilities arising out of multi-billion dollar international frauds, and also provide preventative counseling and compliance programs to help clients reduce the risk of civil and criminal litigation.

Together with Norton Rose Fulbright's international team, Norton Rose Fulbright's experience enables us to offer clients a seamless and coordinated international service in managing the risks associated with white collar crime and regulatory investigations.

Read about Norton Rose Fulbright's white collar crime and regulatory investigations team.

Antitrust and competition

Norton Rose Fulbright's experienced antitrust and competition team offers international clients the full range of services needed today, including planning, training, prevention and compliance. We represent businesses in conducting and responding to lawsuits or investigations, whether civil or criminal, private or governmental. Norton Rose Fulbright's lawyers represent those injured by antitrust violations and defend those accused of violations in courts, before government agencies, and with increasing frequency, in private arbitrations. Norton Rose Fulbright's clients include businesses served with DOJ subpoenas and search warrants, as well as companies that are "dawn-raided" by EU and national competition authorities. In particular, we have experience in the co-coordinated defense of parallel investigations by the DOJ, the European Commission and other government authorities including the UK's Office of Fair Trading.

With criminal stakes higher than ever, we encourage Norton Rose Fulbright's clients to consult with us early in the development and implementation of their distribution, marketing and strategic growth plans. We also assist Norton Rose Fulbright's clients in conducting internal investigations and audits at a national and multi-jurisdictional level to uncover any wrongdoing by individuals and limit the company's exposure to antitrust claims.

Norton Rose Fulbright's experience includes advising international clients considering mergers and acquisitions and coordinating clearance by multi-state, national and international agencies. We provide experienced counsel at all stages of the transaction, including analyzing likely antitrust impact, determining reportability under Hart-Scott-Rodino Act and other applicable laws, winning agency clearance for reportable transactions, and defending clients in merger investigations.

International trade controls and sanctions

Norton Rose Fulbright's international trade team, which includes a former US Ambassador, has assisted clients with diverse international trade controls matters throughout the United States, the United Kingdom and globally. In this highly complex area of the law, where enforcement efforts and penalties are increasing substantially, it is critical to have counsel capable of understanding the relevant laws in the areas of economic sanctions and embargoes, export controls, anti-bribery, and import laws.

Norton Rose Fulbright's international trade team encompasses lawyers across the firm's international offices in Beijing, Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Munich and Riyadh. Norton Rose Fulbright's lawyers assist clients with all types of matters, including:

  • compliance counseling
  • risk assessment
  • responding to US and UK government investigations
  • appearing before US and UK government departments and agencies
  • performing internal audits and investigations
  • developing compliance policies and procedures
  • obtaining licenses and other authorizations
  • delivering compliance training
  • representing clients in litigation and settlements with US, UK and other governments

Securities litigation and regulatory enforcement

Norton Rose Fulbright's securities litigation and regulatory enforcement team regularly assists clients in investigations and litigation involving difficult cross-border issues. Examples include internal and governmental investigations regarding the accounting services employed by foreign subsidiaries and affiliates, situations where global enterprises are investigated simultaneously by regulators in two or more countries, and situations where companies are investigated or sued for securities fraud or breach of fiduciary duty in countries other than where they are domesticated. Norton Rose Fulbright's clients include:

  • public and private companies
  • investment banks
  • broker-dealers
  • exchanges
  • accounting firms
  • investment advisors
  • hedge funds

We represent these entities and their respective officers, directors, employees and affiliates in internal investigations, government investigations, governmental enforcement actions, shareholder lawsuits and arbitrations.

Lawyers in Norton Rose Fulbright's securities litigation and enforcement group have worked in significant positions at the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the UK Securities Investment Board (now the Financial Services Authority), the US Department of Justice and in the securities industry. The securities litigation and regulatory enforcement group also partners with Norton Rose Fulbright's other accomplished investigation lawyers to deliver comprehensive solutions to wide-ranging government inquiries and investigations. Norton Rose Fulbright's international presence and breadth of experience enables us to effectively evaluate difficult and complex issues to develop and implement a plan to achieve a successful resolution.

Privacy and data protection

Norton Rose Fulbright's privacy and data protection team is experienced in the expanding areas of consumer protection and privacy, working with clients to address the numerous issues involved in doing business online. Norton Rose Fulbright's data protection experience includes counseling multinational clients on European Union regulations and other developing international regulations. Norton Rose Fulbright's lawyers advise clients on a wide range of privacy issues around the globe, ranging from the impact of the recent changes in China, to compliance with EU Directives, to litigating Telephone Consumer Protection Act "blast fax" cases.

For example, we have assisted international clients in assessing the structure of their information management policies in order to identify weaknesses. We have also worked with US clients on the Safe Harbor Privacy Arrangement, where the European data privacy directives and regulations (as well as the EU member state national privacy laws of the UK and Spain, among others) place restrictions on clients' ability to store and manipulate data on European employees and customers.