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Publikation | Dezember 2011

Newsletter: December 2011

Welcome to Energy News and Insights, our newsletter that addresses topical issues for the renewable energy industry and details the latest legislation changes and regulatory developments in Germany.

Our December edition gives an overview of the following topics:

  • Nature conservation offshore - Overview over the extension of the German nature conservation rules into the EEZ
  • Cost-cutting effect for the photovoltaic industry under the new German Renewable Energy Act (EEG)
  • Solar module guarantee conditions in focus
  • In retrospect: Recent events regarding the European and German energy market
  • Implementation stopped of the EC Directive 2009/31/EC on carbon dioxide capture and geological storage (CCS) dated 23 April 2009 (CCS Directive) in Germany
  • Proposed new rules for financial markets (MiFID II) affect emission allowances
  • Revision of the remuneration requirements for electricity generated from biomass diminishes the productivity of planned power plants

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Felix Dinger

Felix Dinger

Kai Krüger

Kai Krüger