Franchising update: Getting back to work: Employment and WHS laws

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On-demand webinar

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For those of you familiar with our regular Franchising Intensive seminars, the online version will provide the same comprehensive and practical guide to current franchising issues.

In this series of webinars we are discussing the legal issues franchisors are dealing with as a result of the current health and economic situation and the issues franchisors need to turn their minds to once the immediacy of the initial response to the COVID crisis has been dealt with.

As government restrictions across the country continue to ease, our next webinar will focus on how franchisors are now turning their focus to how best to safely manage the return of their staff to the workplace and franchisees their return to more normal operations.

The safe, efficient and legally compliant return of staff to the workplace involves complex safety and employment law considerations. Our safety and employment team will join us for this webinar to discuss the issues that franchisors need to navigate in this return to work process.