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On-demand webinar

Australia | May 10, 2021

The tides are changing.

To talk about sexual harassment as being a question of lawful or unlawful behaviour is, quite frankly, far too simplistic. We are in the midst of pivotal and generational change – where women, men, employers and our social conscience are all demanding change. Demanding workplaces that are safe. Demanding workplaces that are diverse and inclusive. And demanding that all women can participate equally, without fear of sexual harassment, bullying or discrimination.

We know that sexual harassment is unlawful. We know that it is costing the Australian economy billions of dollars, the brunt of which is borne by employers. And we know that there are significant non-financial implications for organisations and individuals with employee turnover, reputational damage and implications for recruitment and growth. And yet it has continued to manifest, somewhat unabated.

The tides are changing and employers cannot turn a blind eye. Employers need to be accountable and say ‘not on my watch’.

In this podcast we discuss not only the important ethical considerations, but also the very real financial consequences for organisations that do not have a robust risk management framework. We also discuss the importance of culture, and how organisations can understand and drive a strong culture, to be more proactive in managing the risk of sexual harassment.

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