Fast Growth Tech Company: M&A

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Australia | Series | 1.5 CPD point

Conducting M&A transactions carries a set of unique challenges for both buyers and sellers, particularly those that are cross-border. We provide guidance on navigating the legal, commercial and geographical challenges when conducting M&A transactions for fast growth tech companies.

  • Issues running a competitive international tech exit on COVID times when foreign bidders can’t or won’t travel to see site and staff in person.
  • Repatriating to the right jurisdiction first to provide a cleaner runway for a listing on the right exchange.
  • Typical W&I approach to tech warranties and indemnities.
  • Dual track processes –maintain competitive tension and other issues arising out of the processes being vastly different.
  • Exit deed – what to consider sorting out between sellers which should not be for the eyes of the buyer.
  • What level of vendor tech DD is expected and gives the best protection?