COVID-19: Cashflow and solvency issues for tech companies in times of crisis

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On-demand webinar

Australia | 0.75 CPD point

We have already seen financial conditions deteriorate to levels not experienced in decades. Forecasts suggest that things are likely to deteriorate even further in the next few months before a recovery kicks in. We have been advising a number of organisations on how to take action now to ensure solvency issues do not jeopardise their opportunity to take part in the recovery.

This webinar covers those issues with a particular focus on the specific issues for tech companies. It is relevant for in-house lawyers, board directors, senior leaders and finance professionals. Key take-aways will include:

  • What are your peers doing to manage cashflow
  • What are your options to obtain payment from reluctant debtors
  • Key tactics to ensure cashflow optimisation
  • What to do if you are running out of runway
  • What is safe harbour and why are people (especially directors) talking about it
  • Risks to directors and senior management from insolvent trading
  • Deploying components of your risk management framework to help your organisation
  • Crisis management 101s