Tech IPOs: No time like the present

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On-demand webinar

Australia | 1 CPD point

Tech IPOs have been incredibly popular with the market this year. Our expert panel will give you the practical view of the opportunity as well as the details of how to prepare for and execute an IPO. Some topics covered include:

  • Market observations
  • Pre-IPO capital vs public capital
  • Rationale for going public
  • Key preparatory workstreams
  • Execution insights
  • Key considerations (eg. selldown/escrow/valuation, etc)
  • Key thresholds for listing – admission tests, audited accounts
  • Overview of listing process – service providers and their reports, due diligence, documentation lead time items
  • What’s specific to tech? reports on market, functionality of product, other specific considerations
  • Life after listing – overview of changed legal, regulatory & reporting landscape after listing


  • Nick Abrahams, Partner
  • Jeremy Wickens, Partner
  • Scott Murcutt, Director at Grant Samuel