The student experience

What's a typical day like at our office? How students obtain work, the type of assignments you can expect to work on, professional development opportunities and more can all be found in this section.

Obtaining Work

Students receive work at the Norton Rose Fulbright Vancouver office in two ways. First, a lawyer needing assistance may directly contact a student and request assistance on a matter. Second, students are encouraged to be proactive and contact a lawyer to directly express interest.

We do not use a central dispatch system for allocating student work because such an approach does not reflect how work is received as a lawyer. Obtaining work directly from lawyers in the firm and learning to manage workloads better prepares students for their careers.


Summer articled students and full articled students work on the same types of assignments; that is, they work on virtually everything a lawyer does. Samples of the types of work assignments our students might receive include:

  • Assisting with Trial Preparation 
  • Drafting Commercial Contracts 
  • Attending Chambers, Trials, Hearings and Examinations for Discovery 
  • Attending Meetings with Clients and Experts 
  • Drafting Licensing Agreements 
  • Attending Settlement Conferences and Mediations 
  • Drafting Affidavits 
  • Drafting Shareholder Agreements 
  • Drafting Briefs 
  • Drafting Case Summaries 
  • Drafting Wills and Trusts 
  • Drafting Demand Letters 
  • Drafting Memoranda 
  • Drafting Notices of Claim 
  • Drafting Distribution Agreements 
  • Drafting Opinion Letters 
  • Drafting Pleadings 
  • Interviewing Witnesses 
  • Conducting Research 
  • Updating Manuals


Billing Targets

As the overarching goal of our student program is to provide our students with the knowledge, training and experience to become exceptional lawyers, we have no set billing target.


We are committed to providing our students with constructive and timely feedback. Our students are encouraged to obtain informal feedback from lawyers with whom they work. In addition, formal feedback is provided once toward the end of the articling term in June for summer students and twice to our articling students, after three and six months spent at the firm.

Hiring Decisions

Invitations to join us for full articles will be communicated to summer students in June. Historically, we have invited almost 100% of our summer students to rejoin us for full articles.


Legal Administrative Assistance

We have a dedicated legal administrative assistant who provides support solely to our students.



Upon joining the firm, each of our students is assigned one Principal and two Mentors. Your Principal (a Partner) ensures that you are instructed on the various aspects of the practice of law and professional conduct, and will provide a final progress report to the Law Society of British Columbia at the end of your articling period. Your Mentors (two Associates) are there to offer their guidance and advice on general matters around becoming a new lawyer.


We offer a comprehensive, week long orientation upon your arrival, which includes an introduction to our organization (personnel, equipment and central services), systems training (time recording, document management systems and remote access) and research training (library orientation and research databases). 


Professional Development

Our in-house learning and development program provides lawyers and students with professional skills development training. Topics include presentation skills, writing skills, teambuilding, managing yourself, negotiation and business development. Also, all of our practice groups hold regular training for lawyers and students at all levels, so you will always be confident that you are up to date with the latest developments across our practice areas.

Our six International Academies are a highlight of our global learning and development curriculum for our associates. They are tailored to cover each principal region and role level. These single and multi-day programs bring associates together from our offices and practice areas around the world, and they focus on the development of the skills it takes to become an exceptional lawyer and business person. Topics include networking, team working, business development, leadership and ethics. They also offer invaluable opportunities for our lawyers to build their networks. This is a unique and valuable resource that Norton Rose Fulbright is able to offer to its professionals, unparalleled by any other Canadian law firm.


Our goal at the Vancouver office of Norton Rose Fulbright Canada is to provide our summer and full articling students with a blend of work experiences, in order to give them broad exposure to diverse areas of law and practice styles during their early careers. Upon joining our firm as a summer student, you will be placed in a rotational system which includes the Solicitor and Litigation rotations, with 50% of your articles spent in each rotation.

Upon joining our firm for full articles, you will be placed in a rotational system which includes the Solicitor, Litigation and Unassigned rotations. Typically, our students spend three months in their Solicitor rotations, three months in their Litigation rotations, and the remainder of their articling terms in the Unassigned rotations, which allows them to customize their experience with us, based on individual preferences.


Salary & Benefits

Summer and full articling students are paid on the basis of an annual salary of $50,000.

Students who summer with us and who are invited to return for full articles at the firm are provided with a contribution of up to $6,500 towards third year law school tuition.

We pay the Professional Legal Training Course fees for our articling students. We also offer a comprehensive benefits package, which includes health and dental plans, life insurance, long-term disability as well as transit pass and fitness membership subsidies. In addition, we offer payment towards one Continuing Legal Education course of each student's choosing and all Canadian Bar Association membership dues. Our articling students are entitled to 10 paid vacation days during their articling term.