Our commitment to the education of law students

As a sponsor of the EBS Law School, the Bucerius Law School and ELSA Deutschland e.V., we support students, trainees and young lawyers in building their careers and providing them with the opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge into practice.

  • As a member of the board of trustees, we supported theEBS Law School in its founding phase. Ever since, we have been active as sponsors. We offer internships and traineeship programmes and participate in workshops and lectures as well as the upcoming recruitment fairs hosted by the EBS Law School.
  • As a sponsor of the Bucerius Law School in Hamburg, we are committed to providing law students with qualified training opportunities. We offer positions for interns, trainees and young professionals and are represented at the career fairs hosted by Bucerius Law School.
  • ELSA Deutschland e.V. is the world’s largest, independent association for law students. Together with ELSA, we, as a sponsor, arrange events such as Inhouse Law Events, during which lawyers-to-be will be able to experience the daily work routine of a commercial lawyer at first hand.