In the second in our global series of regulatory podcasts focusing on conduct issues, financial services partners from Australia, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Germany, United Kingdom, United States and Dubai consider the cross border distribution of funds by focussing on the following five topics:

  1. What trends or industry developments are you seeing in your jurisdiction as regards the cross-border distribution of funds?
  2. What do you see as the top one or two regulatory issues impacting cross-border funds distribution?
  3. Can you say a few words regarding marketing rules in your jurisdiction?
  4. Are there any ESG considerations that need to be taken into account when marketing funds cross border?
  5. What do you think 2023 holds for the cross-border distribution of funds? 

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Global Financial Services Conduct Stream - Cross Border Funds Distribution: Five topics to consider


Global Director of Financial Services Knowledge, Innovation and Product
Asia Head of FinTech and Financial Services Regulatory; Partner
Global Head of Private Wealth
Global Head of Financial Services