Event Details

Global | April - June 2024

Professional development is often crucial to improvements and innovation in a workplace. Ongoing learning is required in most roles to expand skill-sets and adapt to our continually changing business environment.

Led by our experienced in-house Learning and Development team, the interactive programme will be run online, focusing on the topics to help you face the challenges the new working environment brings.

For 2024 we have evolved our programme to reflect the current environment looking at topics to help manage stress and anxiety, build resilience and trust in our hybrid world.

Write effective emails | Tuesday 16 April | 10:00 - 11:00 BST
Think about the emails that you receive and write every day. How effective are they? Do they get the right results? We will look at how you can improve the quality of your email communications so that you achieve the outcomes you want. We will look at tone, style, eliminating superfluous words, using structure and layout to support your message, and tailoring your message to suit your audience.
Personal Brand | Tuesday 11 June | 10:00 - 11:00 BST

Your personal brand is a promise. It helps people know what to expect from you when you interact with them. Developing and actively managing your personal brand will make a big difference to your professional success. We will look at the nature of brand, the elements within it and ways in which you can develop and enhance your own.