Harnessing innovation and digital transformation is essential to the long-term success of companies and institutions. We provide the knowledge, strategy, and tools to make the most of the collective intellectual and creative efforts of a business’ talent, and to navigate the competitive landscape and intellectual property (IP) rights of others.  

Our international team of IP professionals identifies, protects, manages and supports the exploitation of intangible assets to further our clients’ business goals. Through our sector-based strategy, we invest in understanding business imperatives and help craft an IP strategy that advances them. We identify and mitigate IP and regulatory risk for new markets, expansion of product or service offerings and new technology platforms. We provide strategic, commercial IP advice on collaborations, mergers and acquisitions, public offerings, restructurings and insolvency proceedings and competition enquiries. Our disputes team has experience in every industry sector and assists our clients in achieving practical and business-minded results drawing on an in-depth understanding of decision risk analysis.  

Innovation drives our clients’ success, and ours too; our legal services model is dedicated to using technology and innovation to deliver effective and efficient legal services.  

With more than 250 lawyers, patent attorneys and trademark agents across five continents, our global intellectual property team has extensive experience providing comprehensive, multidisciplinary IP law services to clients worldwide. Many of our IP lawyers and patent and trademark agents have advanced scientific degrees and industry experience, combining extensive subject matter knowledge and industry acumen with broad legal understanding. We do this through organization of our business into our key industry sectors: financial institutions; energy, infrastructure, and resources; transport; technology; life sciences and healthcare; and consumer markets.  

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