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Global | April 29, 2021

As the global crypto-economy continues to grow and mature, one area stands out as a critical core capability: custody. In this webinar, members of our global financial services team compare notes on their jurisdiction’s approach to crypto-custody and the use of crypto-assets as collateral.

The speakers provide their insights on a number of areas which will help both traditional custodians who are interested in the crypto space and FinTechs that focus on crypto-custody, either as their whole business or a business line. These include:

  • How does the law in your jurisdiction categorise crypto-assets and what does that mean for their custody?
  • Do you need a regulatory licence to hold crypto-assets and what types of licence are possible?
  • Are there any key rules that apply to crypto-custodians in your country?
  • What are the key issues on using crypto-assets as collateral in your country / are there any examples of how this is working in practice?
  • What do you think will be the biggest issues when trying to provide a crypto-custody service cross border to clients in multiple jurisdictions?