Digital technology and digitalization continue to be key enablers of the energy transition by helping all industries become more connected, efficient, reliable and so more sustainable. It is helping to build business models of the future and facilitates greater coupling of industry sectors. However, there are many considerations and challenges to address, from the ethics of AI to cyber-security and data risks.

We help our clients embrace technology as a catalyst for growth. We help them understand and explore the evolving legal landscape as technology continues to change the way their business operates and how they deliver solutions to their customers. We provide them with the support they need as they look to diversify their portfolios with investment into new asset classes and technologies.

Our technology and innovation team, made up of more than 500 lawyers in more than 50 cities across the world, is comprised of experienced, technology sector legal professionals are helping clients in every sector to apply the latest technological advancements to their businesses in order to help drive down emissions and become efficient, robust organisations of the future.



Global Co-leader, Digital Transformation Practice
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Energy transition

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