Clients benefit from the legal experience of our large team of patent professionals, who provide owners with a single, coherent patent management service across all stages of the innovation lifecycle and in multiple jurisdictions. With more than 250 patent lawyers, attorneys and agents worldwide – many of whom have advanced scientific and technical degrees – we provide strategic legal advice across our key industry sectors: financial institutions; energy, infrastructure and resources; transport; technology; life sciences and healthcare; and consumer markets.

Our lawyers understand the importance of patents to the continued growth and success of our clients’ business goals. In assisting our clients, we address not only how to protect valuable innovation, but also how to reduce recurring costs and maintenance fees through focused patent pruning and strategic patenting.

We also help our clients exploit their patents through acquisition, commercialization and enforcement of patent rights, combining a thorough understanding of the technical complexities underpinning patents with the business acumen necessary to resolve high-value disputes which often include multi-jurisdictional issues.

Our areas of work include

  • Freedom to operate and due diligence
  • Global and parallel patent disputes management
  • Patent acquisitions
  • Patent applications, including proceedings before national and supranational offices
  • Patent disputes involving specialist sectors including FRAND, SEP and SPCs
  • Patent enforcement, dispute resolution and litigation, including ITC proceedings
  • Patent entitlement and ownership issues
  • Patent filing strategies
  • Patent portfolio management
  • Patent technology assignment and licensing
  • Plant variety rights
  • Technology transfers, including tax advice



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