With more than 6,800 people worldwide, we benefit from the diversity of perspectives and experiences they bring to the firm – from national origin, disability and gender identity to religion, culture, sexual orientation and socio-economic backgrounds. We actively promote a culture of respect for each person and encourage everyone to be curious about the different perspectives of our colleagues, clients and the communities in which we operate.

Employee networks

We have well-established employee networks in a number of our offices to help foster a culture that allows people to be themselves at work.

  • Advance: Our first employee resource group for social mobility
  • Breathe: Our first employee resource network for mental health
  • Compass: A forum for learning about Islamic faith, culture and business
  • Family matters: Addresses issues affecting parents, grandparents, guardians and carers
  • Flex-ability: Supports flexible workers and their managers and promotes a more agile working environment within the firm
  • Indigenous relations: Our first employee resource network facilitating awareness and community relations with Indigenous peoples
  • Novel: A diversity book club encouraging reflection and discussion
  • Origins: Promotes ethnic and culture awareness
  • Pride: Aims to create a more inclusive and accepting environment for LGBTQ+ individuals
  • Shine: Supports the firm’s inclusive approach to disability, long-term health conditions
  • WiN: Supports the personal and professional development of women