Disruptive technologies are reshaping the business models and operations of most businesses. At the same time, new entrants are emerging to disrupt established markets.

To thrive in the digital age, businesses need to exploit new technologies and harness the transformative power of data, often in an uncertain and fast moving legal and regulatory landscape.

They must also understand the risks associated with them.

We understand disruptive technology. We also understand that our clients need a trusted advisor to help them to navigate the digital landscape and identify how disruptive technology can be used in their business, to give them a competitive edge and to help them to manage systemic risk. Our technology consulting practice is able to offer strategic and practical advice to our clients as they consider the development and/or implementation of these emerging technologies. Combined with our extensive, multidisciplinary legal and regulatory experience, we can advise on all aspects of technology adoption across all sectors around the world.

Effective implementation and adoption of any technology requires a deep understanding of what is technically possible and operationally feasible. Our technology consulting practice provides technical knowledge to help clients take full advantage of new and emerging technologies, particularly related to artificial intelligence (AI), distributed ledger technologies (DLT) (including Blockchain) and cryptocurrencies.

The greatest impact of these technologies will be in information-intensive industries, particularly those subject to heavy regulation such as financial services. The adoption of these technologies is expected to lead, over the next decade, to major redesigns of business processes, particularly in sectors relying on inter-company collaboration across a value chain such as commodities, shipping and energy.

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Co-Head of Technology Consulting