Our global crisis management team provides skilled legal advice to clients around the clock and wherever they face a critical issue calling for emergency response. Available to advise clients 24/7, our crisis management lawyers have handled some of the world’s most high-profile catastrophic industrial incidents covering a broad array of industries.

Crisis management has become an essential part of our digital age, when the risk of reputational damage can become center stage for our clients as the speed with which legal and regulatory risks can materialize and spread requires companies to have a firm understanding of their risk exposure. During a crisis, our objective is to act as a trusted legal advisor to our clients, managing a range of risks and coordinating multiple legal issues while ensuring that they have a robust governance, risk and compliance strategy in place.

With extensive knowledge across key industries, our crisis response covers everything from fraudulent actions of rogue employees to dawn raids, product recalls and disaster incidents. We also are skilled in helping clients manage communications with a range of stakeholders, regulators, distributors, retailers and consumers. Clients benefit from our pre-emptive strategies, damage minimization and post-incident counseling, including “lessons learned” analysis.

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Head of Morocco; Partner


Head of Morocco; Partner