Complete Information Protection

Disclosure of sensitive information creates risks to corporates, not least to their reputation. In this digital age, companies create more and more communications and documents, many of which may be sensitive and not for public consumption. In recent years, there have been many examples of companies’ sensitive emails or other documents being quoted in the media as a result of disclosure obligations during the course of litigation or investigations. Although companies have certain rights which allow them to resist disclosure of certain information, the fact that a document is sensitive or confidential will not necessarily mean that it is immune from having to be disclosed.

To help you to understand your rights and obligations and how best to protect your sensitive information, we have developed a bespoke product called Complete Information Protection, which is designed to assess the potential risks of your business and provide best-practice solutions on a transparent, fixed-price basis.

Complete Information Protection has three strands:

  • Scoping disclosure risk: First, we will scope with you the areas of your business which commonly give rise to disclosure risk.
  • Best practice for protecting your information: Second, we will advise you on best practice to protect your sensitive information, including advice on communication protocols and how to minimise the risk of losing protection.
  • Value added services: Third, we will make a number of value added services available to you at no cost, tailored to improve your employees’ understanding of information protection.