blue painting

In your face

‘Dare to know’ by M.A
RE | issue 19 | 2021


I am M.A. I am 17 years old.  Since my youngest age I draw.


My dream is to become an architect and interior designer and, above all, to make a living from what I love, which is art. Art is a way of expressing our deepest thoughts. It brings out emotions that we had felt but forgotten. This is why I paint. The emotion that emerges from a painting is open to interpretation, because each feeling is particular to an individual and to their story. The four works below show situations that everyone meets in their life. The image above was created for RE: in monotype.


Michelle-Alexandre Stellina




Sapere Aude is a Latin phrase; it means ‘dare to know’. This expression was used during the Age of Enlightenment to encourage people to think for themselves. My picture represents a plump woman who hides her body. I made it my own to tell everyone to dare to accept themselves and not to care what others may think.


black and white painting 



Renouveau represents the same woman as in Sapere Aude with the addition of a flowering branch and some colour on the woman's body. This painting illustrates the woman’s gain of self-confidence, in her body and her self. It represents a new beginning for woman—like spring, which is the arrival of good weather and a new cycle.


abstract painting 



Avenir represents a woman in profile with a round belly, like a pregnant woman. Often, in dreams, being pregnant means that we are carrying something new, like plans. This painting signifies the arrival of good news, of a child—but also of a project we carry.


abstract painting 



Alter Ego represents two people facing each other as Yin and Yang. The alter ego is the person who perfectly complements us, as seen here.