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RE | Issue 17 | 2020


This is issue 17 of RE:, a magazine for everyone in Norton Rose Fulbright around the world and for our friends, among them our clients and alumni. In this issue, the first to appear without paper or ink, we are overtaken by the pandemic—almost lost for words. What has happened to our world? From our lockdown, we sent out messages to our writers and they rallied and wrote essays that capture this moment in time—in a whitewashed Andalusian village by the sea, in the empty city streets of Milan, in the high Sierra mountains and the big Australian sky and across the mountains and rivers of China; in losses mourned and loved ones held close even though apart. In stolen time. One day, our essays will be printed. But for now, there is more to offer you. In amongst these pages you will also find ginger, kale and blueberries; a playlist from Mr Misri in Vancouver; the books that mark Alison Deitz’s life in Sydney; a careful look at a bicycle; an astonishing photo essay by Manuel Cosentino; and the birth of Raphael in the small London home of Alexandra Howe.

The next issue will appear at the end of 2020.  See you then.

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The team

Laura Shumiloff—publisher  |  Nicola Liu—editor  |  Robbie Pattemore—creative director  |  Ivan Maslarov—picture editor  |  Joe Lalgee—digital


And with thanks to—


RE: writers

Patrick Bracher, Johannesburg | Richard Calnan, London | Alexandra Howe, London | Natalia Mushinska, Moscow | Chaim Wachsberger, New York

First person

Andrew Robinson, Durban (interview by Ingeborg Alexander)


Jake Bell, Newcastle | Neil Carruthers, London | Mathieu Dahan, Paris | Alison Deitz, Sydney | Nick Grandage, New York | Kenneth Gray, London | Stefan Hagner, Dallas | Natalia Mushinska, Moscow | Ugendran Odayar, Durban | Yui Ota, Tokyo | Attilio Pavone, Milan | Shamim Razavi, Sydney | Aditya Rebbapragada, Singapore | James Reid, Montréal | Laura Shumiloff, London | Jarret Stephens, New York | Russ Trice, Los Angeles | Wang Yi, Beijing | Sarah Xiong, Beijing.

Contributing writers

Scott Atkins, Sydney | Erin Banks, Austin | James Bateson, London |  Penny Biram, Johannesburg | Ella Bauman, Sydney | Shelley Chapelski, Vancouver | Miriam Davies, London | Alison Deitz, Sydney | Kathryn van Gelder, Sydney | Nick Grandage, New York | Dawn Hayes, London | Georgina Hey, Sydney | Kevin Hogarth, London | Shirley Anne Hunte, London | Sacha de Klerk, Toronto | Felicia Kohn, Milan | Shanin Lott, Toronto | Michelle Lyons, Houston | Jeff Margulies, Los Angeles | Sarah McKellar, London | Dylan McKimmie, Perth | Lily McMyn, Singapore | Sabine Meinert, Munich | Lex Melzer, Sydney | Rosalind Messer, Toronto | Nathaniel Misri, Vancouver | Natasha Moore, London | Louise Nelson, London | Siri Nomme, London | Gabby Garcia Oldham, London | Gerard Pecht, Houston | Tara Pichardo-Angadi, Paris | Irini Proukaki, Athens | Yvonne Puig, Austin | James Reid, Montréal | Carolyn Rhys Jones, London | Andrew Robinson, Durban | Rachel Rosenfeld, Washington DC | Sophia Lisa Salazar, Houston | Henrietta Scott, London | Martin Scott, London | Howard Seife, New York | Sarah Stone, Hong Kong | Katie Stowe, Vancouver | Tamara Ubink, Amsterdam | 


Mark Heathcote, Ivan Maslarov, Louise Nelson, Robbie Pattemore


Ivan Maslarov

External contributors

Manuel Cosentino. The Behind a Little House series ©Manuel Cosentino, courtesy of the artist and Klompching Gallery, New York


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