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RE | Issue 18 | 2020


This is issue 18 of RE:, a magazine for everyone in Norton Rose Fulbright around the world and for our friends, among them our clients and alumni. In this issue, we listen to the voices of 21-year-olds in the southern and northern hemispheres, waiting on words of hope and consolation as the pandemic continues its sweep across the globe. We tell stories of travels in times gone by—among them a tale of Lebanon from Claudine Salameh in Sydney—and we sing the praises of our home towns, starting with Leaf Dilts McGregor in Minneapolis and moving on to that little red dot that is Singapore, home to Pooja Balani. We have music to raise the spirits in our playlist from Newcastle and books to take us through the long nights of 2021 from Farmida Bi. We have dogs, in the snow, in Calgary. Animations from Russia. The poetry of Louise Glück, read to us. All of this: all these moments that connect usthis is what it means to be alive.

The next issue will appear in the summer of 2021.  See you then. 

The Editor


The team

Laura Shumiloff—publisher  |  Nicola Liu—editor  |  Robbie Pattemore—creative director  |  Ivan Maslarov—picture editor  |  Joe Lalgee—digital  |  Garett Stoltz—production


And with thanks to—


RE: writers

Patrick Bracher, Johannesburg | Richard Calnan, London | Alexandra Howe, London | Leaf Dilts McGregor, Minneapolis | Natalia Mushinska, Moscow | Chaim Wachsberger, New York


First person

Peter Scott, London (interview by Ingeborg Alexander)


Tales by the fireside

Raisa D’Oyley, New York | Bernhard Fiedler, Frankfurt | Kenneth Gray, London | Laura Kiwelu, London | Nicola Liu, London | Rosalie Luo, Beijing | Natalia Mushinska, Moscow | Robert Pattemore, London | Claudine Salameh, Sydney


The Decameron

Jeffrey Anderson, London


Contributing writers

Pooja Balani, Singapore |  Alison Baxter, London | Jake Bell, Newcastle | Donald Betts, Melbourne |  Farmida Bi, London | Penny Biram, Johannesburg | Allison Chong, Melbourne | Ciaran Dachtler, Newcastle | Christine Ezcutari, Paris | Madhavi Gosavi, London | Nick Grandage, London | Dawn Hayes, London | Louise Higginbottom, London | Shirley Anne Hunte, London | Esha Kamboj, Washington D.C. | Sacha de Klerk, Toronto | Felicia Kohn, Milan | Steve Leitl, Calgary | John Liberopoulos, Athens | Johnny Liu, Shanghai | Michelle Lyons, Houston | Polina Maloshchinskaia, Paris | Julie Mayo, Houston |  Niamh Ni Cheallachain, New York | Greg Nott, Johannesburg | Ugendran Odayar, Durban | James Reid, Montréal | Andrew Robinson, Durban | Emily Rogers, New York | Sophia Lisa Salazar, Houston  | Henrietta Scott, London | Martin Scott, London | Bina Shah, London | Julia Sham, Johannesburg |  Sarah Tai, Newcastle| Holly Tunnah, Newcastle 



Ivan Maslarov, Steve Leitl, Matt Reid


External contributors

Laura Boushnak—the photo essay I read I write | Chantelle, Brynn, Clare, Laura, Eliza, Annie, Jack, Jim, Brendan: the subjects of Live in Hope in Canada, the UK and Australia | Liu Bingcheng—Wide Angle | Mike Ellis—Stringers | Cai Xiaohui—Eating out in Shanghai


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A magazine for everyone in Norton Rose Fulbright and for our friends, among them our clients and our alumni. RE: is published twice a year by Norton Rose Fulbright and is available online and (issues 1 to 16) in print.

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