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RE | Issue 19 | 2021


This is issue 19 of RE:, a magazine for everyone in Norton Rose Fulbright around the world and for our friends, among them our clients and alumni. We are in a time of transition, in the water where the manta rays swim, in the soil where we grow our fruits and our flowers, in the very air that we breathe, and the rain that falls. It’s all here for you. As is Verushka Reddy’s account of life in South Africa, Shauna Clark’s tale of growing up in Louisiana and Yui Ota’s invitation to dine in Yokohama. Dragonflies make a fleeting appearance, courtesy of Jonathan Chong, and we take pleasure in the artwork of M.A in Paris and the photographs of Moontashir Rahman in Toronto. A new writer joins us—Gunnar Benediktsson, writing on cinema—and one of our established writers, Kenneth Gray, brings us his playlist.

Today, we say farewell to two people. Natalia Mushinska was for ten years our Moscow correspondent. Her stringer's reports were a delight, her voice hugely distinctive. Ivan Maslarov was a founding member of RE’s creative team and instrumental in setting the tone of this magazine. In celebration of his prodigious talent, we invite you—in the photo essay—to an exhibition of his work.

The next issue will appear around the end of 2021.  See you then.


The Editor




Laura Shumiloff—publisher 

Nicola Liu—editor

Robbie Pattemore—creative director

Thando Buthelezi—design and production

Clement Lehembre and Joe Lalgee—digital


Aditya Badami, London | Gunnar Benediktsson, Calgary | Richard Calnan, London | Jonathan Chong, Montréal | Jonae Felton, Houston| Sue Ann Gan, Singapore | Kenneth Gray, London | Alexandra Howe, London | Tom Luckock, Beijing | Caroline May, London | Timo Noftz, Hamburg | Yui Ota, Tokyo | Paolo Pinna, Paris | Sebastian Poplawski, New York | Yoga Pranato, Jakarta | Verushka Reddy, Johannesburg | Noni Shannon, Sydney |  Russell Trice, Los Angeles | Elisabeth Trotter, Calgary | Vanisha Weatherspoon, Austin | Yasmine Wilson, Durban



Moontashir Rahman, Toronto | Henrietta Scott, London | Anna Tipping, Singapore | Marjolein van Leunen, Amsterdam | Yasmine Wilson, Durban 
and Sylvie Ayer, Switzerland | Anika Leitl, Canada | Liu Bingcheng, Scotland | Michelle-Alexandre Stellina, France



Shauna Clark, Houston (interview by Ingeborg Alexander) 


Stephane Braun, Luxembourg and Sylvie Ayer | Noni Shannon, Sydney and Bina Sha, London (introduction by Nicola Liu)


Ivan Maslarov, Sofia and London



RE: A magazine for everyone in Norton Rose Fulbright and for our friends, among them our clients and our alumni.
RE: is published twice a year by Norton Rose Fulbright and is available online and (issues 1 to 16) in print.

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