This is issue 20 of RE:, a magazine for everyone in Norton Rose Fulbright around the world and for our friends, among them our clients and alumni. We have been in search of a little joy to offer up, and it is sometimes surprising where it can be found. In the pages of books, for sure, but also on another world with two moons, if Nick Grandage is right. For Tom Valentine’s daughter, Brynn, it was in the music of Lou Reed’s PerfectDay, while contemplating leaving one country to seek out new adventures in another: a melancholy kind of joy. And splashed across our photo essay there is a wild joy: the joy of wild swimming across the United States. Di Somma lives in New York. Her photographs are on display in Back Streets, but it’s her mention of Madison Square Park in this issue’s Coda that I want to point you to, because it turns out it’s a magical place. Raven Chua's tour of cinema for the Moving Image is a thing of joy in itself. And take a look at all the colour there is in our Wide Angle column. Dr Jonathan Chong could no doubt explain how the brain responds to being steeped in colour. We are all of us extraordinary beings.

The next issue of RE will appear in the middle of 2022.  See you then.

The Editor



Laura Shumiloff—publisher

Nicola Liu—editor

Thando Buthelezi—design and production

Clement Lehembre—digital

Robbie Pattemore—consultant



Khawaja Muhammad Akbar, London | Bookshelf

Scott Atkins, Sydney | Bookshelf

Mark Berry, Dubai | Bookshelf

John C Boehm Jr, Houston|Riyadh | a direct Question

Patrick Bracher, Johannesburg | Bookshelf

Lesley Browning, London | Playlist

Richard Calnan, London | Jurisprudence

Jonathan Chong, Montréal | Real Science

Raven Chua, London | the Moving Image

Mathieu Dahan, Paris|Casablanca | a direct Question

Alison Deitz, Sydney| a direct Question

Ramya Djealatchoumy, Paris | the Kitchen Table

Tomas GärdforsLondon | Eating out

Nick Grandage, London | the Essay

Stefan Hagner, Dallas | a direct Question

Alexandra Howe, Paris|London | the Poet

Sacha de Klerk, Toronto | Style

Silvia Lazzati, Milan | Coda

Steven Leitl, Calgary | the Guide

Nicola Liu, London | Style

Bethany Maddy, London | a direct Question

Yui Ota-Barclay, Tokyo | Stringers

Robbie Pattemore, London | the Guide

Xavier Pierrot, Paris | Bookshelf

Verushka Reddy, Johannesburg | Bookshelf

Moontashir Rahman, Toronto | a direct Question

James Reid, Montréal | Style

Andrew Robinson, Cape Town|Durban | Stringers, Way of Life, Style, the Guide

Omar Salah, Amsterdam | Bookshelf

Henrietta Scott, London | Coda

Alexandra Somerset, Paris|London | Coda

Dianne Somma, New York | Coda

Jarret S Stephens, New York | a direct Question

Russell Trice, Los Angeles | Stringers, Bookshelf



Michael Dunn, London | Wide Angle

Sacha de Klerk, Toronto | Wide Angle

Marjolein van Leunen, Amsterdam | Wide Angle

Victor Magos Jr, Dubai | Wide Angle

Avish Maharaj, Durban | Wide Angle

Allyson Morris, Vancouver | Wide Angle

Attilio Pavone, Milan | Wide Angle

Moontashir Rahman, Toronto | In Your Face, the Kitchen Table, a direct Question

Henrietta Scott, London | the Poet, Real Science

Dianne Somma, New York | Back Streets

Christopher Wilson, Vancouver |  Wide Angle

James Wilson, Vancouver | the 'Enter a cloud' feature



In Search Of

Susanne Altherr, Munich

Alison Baxter, London

Mark Berry, Dubai

Penny Biram, Johannesburg

Nerushka Bowan, Johannesburg

Keira Brennan, Brisbane

Duc Thuan Luong, Brussels

Jo Feldman, Perth

Judi Johnson, London

Valentina Lastochkina, Moscow

Shona Mascarenhas, Sydney

Ileana Navarro, San Antonio

Omar Salah, Amsterdam

Meggie Tao, Hong Kong

Erika Vale, Toronto

Annette Wurster, Brussels

Wang Yi, Beijing


Enter a cloud 

1 Yui Ota-Barclay, Tokyo

2 Jeffrey Anderson, London

3 Yasmine Wilson, Cape Town

4 Louise Higginbottom, London|West Somerset

5 Jonathan Chong, Montréal

6 James Wilson, Vancouver

7 Nicola Liu, London|Scotland

8 Alexandra Somerset, Paris|London

9 Jeffrey Anderson, London

10 Yasmine Wilson, Cape Town

11 Ingeborg Alexander

12 Patrick Bracher, Johannesburg

13 Alexandra Somerset, London

14 Anon, Gigantic Cinema 217

15 James Wilson, Vancouver

16 Virgil, Gigantic Cinema 29

17 W S Graham, Gigantic Cinema 163



Gregg Segal



Mike Ellis, Shanghai | the Historian

Gregg Segal | Wild Swimming photo essay

Brynn Valentine, Oxford | the Guide, Bookshelf

James Wilson, Vancouver | Enter a cloud

Gigantic Cinema: A Weather Anthology, edited by Alice Oswald, Paul Keegan & Jonathan Cape, London, 2020


RE: A magazine for everyone in Norton Rose Fulbright and for our friends, among them our clients and our alumni.

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