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FinTech and digital strategies in the UK and US; cryptocurrencies and CBDCs

Episode 1 (April 2021)

March 26, 2021

This month we’re joined by:

  • Don Tapscott, CEO of the US Blockchain Research Institute who talks about the report he co-authored making recommendations on the future digital strategy of the US for the Biden-Harris administration with Ron Smith (Partner, Dallas);
  • Philippa Martinelli, FinTech advisor to the UK Department for International Trade who discusses the Kalifa review with Hannah Meakin (Partner, London) and Clementine Hogarth (Partner, London);
  • Etelka Bogardi (Partner, Hong Kong) and Ai Tong (Senior Associate, Shanghai) who discuss the future of cryptocurrencies and Central Bank Digital Currencies in China; and
  • Lisa Lee Lewis (Head of risk consulting advisory, EMEA) and Alina Rotari (Compliance executive, London) compare regulatory trends across various jurisdictions relating to registering cryptoasset businesses.

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Episode 1 April 2021 FinTech and digital strategies in the UK and US cryptocurrencies and CBDCs


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