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Publication November 2017

Start-ups have all the fun. They’re packed with ideas to change the world (or at least part of it), and they have the energy and drive to re-shape our society. To do that they need some help along the way, particularly when it comes to protecting their IP: those brilliant ideas that will define tomorrow’s energy landscape, technology, healthcare, consumer experience and more.


Our team supports start-ups in 4 key aspects of IP development and protection.


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To ensure that we deliver top-line yet affordable advice and support to start-ups we have put together 2 fixed-price packages. In our experience these packages respond to the needs of start-ups across each development stage.

Contact a member of our team to discuss our offer.

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What’s included in our packages?

  • Advice on IP grants - There are a number of government grants and funding programs available to assist Australian businesses to develop and commercialise their IP. Our packages include a comprehensive list of these grants and programs along with advice on how to access them.

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement template - Our packages include a non-disclosure agreement template for your use.

  • Trade mark application - Our packages cover the preparation and filing of a trade mark application in Australia, including drafting a suitable specification of goods and services. Our trade mark availability search will also help to determine whether the application is likely to proceed smoothly to registration or if there are any likely issues that could arise.

  • Trade mark availability searches - We recommend conducting a trade mark search prior to filing any applications. Our packages include full trade mark availability searches in Australia. The searches will cover the trademarks register, domain names, company names, social media and general internet searches to identify if there are any risks (in the form of third party rights) associated with the use and registration of the proposed mark including on the register and in the marketplace.

  • Advice on employment contracts - We recommend that your employment contracts include clauses which address the ownership of any IP (including copyright and inventions) created by employees. As part of our advanced package, we will provide a template clause which address the creation IP rights by employees during the course of their employment.

  • IP Legal consult - We will use this hour to get a better understanding of your business and your products. This will help us tailor our advice in the relevant areas, as well as the trade mark applications to meet your needs.

  • Worldwide identical only trade mark search - Our advanced package offers a worldwide search to identify any pre-existing identical trade marks in the name of third parties, which may present a barrier to the use and registration of the chosen mark in other countries.

  • Misleading and deceptive conduct in advertising - Our advanced package includes advice to raise your marketing team’s awareness of the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). The purpose of this advice is to help you avoid misleading advertising, unconscionable conduct and other types of conducts prohibited by the ACL.



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