Minor Memos



Publication February 15, 2017

Minor Memos. Solar electricity is expected to be the cheapest generating source by the middle of the next decade. The winning bids in auctions to procure solar projects were US2.91¢ a KWh in Chile in August and US2.42¢ in September in Abu Dhabi. Expectations are that lower prices will be bid into new tenders this year in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Mexico . . . . The average one-megawatt solar system costs US$1.14 a watt to build today. Analysts at Bloomberg New Energy Finance expect the average cost to fall to US70¢ by 2025 . . . . The Southwest Power Pool is the first regional grid in the United States to serve more than half its load from wind electricity. It reached 52.1% wind at 4:30 a.m. on February 12. The SPP serves 14 states in the central US from North Dakota south to Texas.

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